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Tension Leveller
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Tension Leveller

Improve the plate shape and eliminate the yield platform of the strip

  • HiTo

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Product Description

Function: it straightens, bends and levels galvanized plates/sheets under certain tension i.e. percentage elongation for bettering plate shape, raising straightness and eliminating part of yield platform.

Structure: composed of 2-bending-1-straitening leveler, include 2 bending units and 1 straitening units. The lower rollers bases of bending units and straightening units are driven by hydraulic cylinder to quickly open, and are fine adjusted by motor through worm lifter. Two upper straightening rollers are fine adjusted by motor through worm lifter or by hand.


Technological petameters

Spec of steel strip: 0.2~0.6mm thick; 1,450mm wide;

yield strength≦420MPa

Working rolls: Φ(28~35)mm×1650mm

Material modal: ≦40I

Leveled modal: ≦8I

Percentage elongation: 0.5~1%


The competitive advantage of HiTo stems from being able to offer the world’s best coil costing equipment technology at competitive pricing, with the backup of full & ongoing specialist support.



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