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HiTo Service - Special period
COVID-19 did not stop us from serving customers.

2020, We finished DUBAI CCL turnkey project 2021, We finished Bangladesh CCL turnkey project

HiTo - EPC of CGL, CCL Projects
Continuous color coating line project contract HiTo and UAE 2020

HiTo Equipment Engineering supply UAE color coating line- CCL In 2019, the UAE customer signed a continuous color coating line contract with Hito Engineering. After four months of production and assembly and foundation construction of the customer's factory, the installation conditions are available at the customer's site.

HDG CGL and CCL Service
Bangladesh color pre-painted steel coils and production line

HiTo Equipment Engineering Company has supplied two color coating production line to Bangladesh market, and each one capacity is

HDG CGL and CCL Service
Cold Rolled Carbon Steel Coils Annealing Galvanizing Line Zinc Pot

The galvanizing production line uses different process parameter requirements in actual production due to the different components of the zinc liquid. There are three main types of zinc liquid components: 1.GI, pure zinc (≥ 99.8%), 2. GL, zinc aluminum alloys (with different composition proportions

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UAE Coils Hot-dip Galvanizing Line and Bangladesh Colour Coating Line Progress

Weifang HiTo Equipment Engineering Co.,Ltd has got three orders in 2023, UAE coils continuous hot dip galvanizing line, Iran coils continuous color coating line, Bangladesh steel coils colour coating line.My factory all workers hurry up to manufacture all equipment,

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HDG CGL and CCL Service
Continuous Hot-dip Galvanizing Line Technology

Continuous Galvanizing Line Plant, 55%Al Galvalume Line, Galvanising Line, Hot Dip Galvanizing Line, Carbon Steel Coils Continuous Annealing Hot-dip Galvanizing Line, Galvalume Line

The competitive advantage of HiTo stems from being able to offer the world’s best coil costing equipment technology at competitive pricing, with the backup of full & ongoing specialist support.



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