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Bangladesh color pre-painted steel coils and production line
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Bangladesh color pre-painted steel coils and production line

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Bangladesh color pre-painted steel coils and production line

HiTo Equipment Engineering Company has supplied two color coating production line to Bangladesh market, and each one capacity is more than the single machine production capacity of the current operating production line, The huge demand market in Bangladesh is the biggest driving force behind the improvement of production lines, and more and more factories are considering updating new production lines.


The modern color coating production line has added a printing equipment process section, which can produce beautiful patterns and colors, such as flowers, wood grain, traditional patterns, stacked stone patterns, etc. However, the investment in equipment is also enormous.


HiTo has completed the shipment of equipment to the customer in Bangladesh in February 2024. And HiTo installation term will go to Bangladesh to start installation work, We will start the debugging work of the entire production line in three months and help the customer start production as soon as possible to achieve the fastest profit




The competitive advantage of HiTo stems from being able to offer the world’s best coil costing equipment technology at competitive pricing, with the backup of full & ongoing specialist support.



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