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Continuous CRC Hot-dip Galvanizing Line Supplied By HiTo Engineering
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Continuous CRC Hot-dip Galvanizing Line Supplied By HiTo Engineering

Galvanizing Line, CGL, Metal Coating Line, Galvalume Line, Zinc Coating Line, Al-Zin Coating Line
  • HT-CGL-1250

  • HiTo

  • 847981

Product Description


Cold rolled low carbon steel: SPCC, SPCD, JIS G 3141

Thickness: 0.12-2.0mm 

Width: 800-1500mm 

Coating type: GI 20-275g/m2

Product grade: CQ,DQ,G550 JIS G 3302

Line Max.speed: Entry 300mpm, processing 250mpm, exit 300mpm

Capacity: 60,000-300,000 MT/Y

Energy saving: Heat recovery system from waste gas


Ⅱ. Equipments feature:

1. Equipped with chemical degreasing section or electrolytic degreasing section, could choose horizontal spray or vertical soaping spray cleaning mode, we have unique electrolytic cleaning technique, could have more efficiency and avoid secondary pollution from the sink.

2. Using NOF and RTH combined technique, with high speed heating and high utility ratio, using special composite material with more precision, could improve the insulation and longevity of high temperature zone.

3. The cooling of the strip after annealing uses protection gas cycling spray cooling, with variable frequency speed adjustment control and high pressure high speed jet flow, the strip could be cooled fast and uniformity, and the temperature of the strip entering the zinc pot could also be controlled.

4. Tension leveler and skin pass were installed, the quality and surface of the strip could be improved, thus improve the coating and mechanical performance.

5. Using fume heat recovery technology, through fume – water heat transfer or steam pot heat recycle to heat the cleaning section liquid, improve the heat utility ratio and decrease the energy consumption.

6. Using jet style ceramic sensor heating zinc pot, with features of fast heating, even temperature, long longevity and less zinc slag, wet chlorine and cycling zinc pot device could improve the precision of the strip surface, meet the requirement of home appliance color coating plate.

7. Using coating thickness measuring instrument to monitor the thickness of the coating and guide the air knife (Optional).

8. Using fingerprint proof coater with fast shift device, could optimize the position of the equipments, reduce the investment of the workshop, and also get precision organic or composite coating on the surface.




The competitive advantage of HiTo stems from being able to offer the world’s best coil costing equipment technology at competitive pricing, with the backup of full & ongoing specialist support.



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