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Coil paint coating production line, color coating machine for aluminum steel coils
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Coil paint coating production line, color coating machine for aluminum steel coils

Aluminium and steel coil is a perfect substrate for colour coating, given its flat matt finish and high corrosion resistance. Aluminium consumption in the construction industry is growing, due to its weight differential compared to steel, making it suitable for long span roofing sheets, sandwich panels, composite panels and many other construction applications.
Methods of coating aluminium for construction applications are typically similar to that of steel, however, the sensitive surface, soft alloys, different micro structure and conductivity means some subtle differences must be considered when designing equipment for coating aluminium.
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Product Description


 Weifang HiTo Equipment Engineering Co.,Ltd supply continuous color coating line and continuous hot-dip galvanizing line.

CGL, CCL supplier

 This is a pre-coating line that forms coats through advance application and baking of coating materials onto strips produced by Continuous Galvanizing Lines (CGL; to enhance corrosion resistance) and Continuous Annealing Lines (CAL; to improve properties, such as strength and elongation). It is an add-on for visual aspects of strips, such as color and gloss, as well as for protective elements, such as weather and corrosion resistance.

Product Overview:Color Coating Line is a processing of coating sheet with organic paint. The coated sheet has good characteristic of printing, forming, corrosion resistance and decoration, and it still keeps the performance of high strength and deformability. The production of color coating sheet with high quality and multi-function develops recently, and the sheet with high corrosion resistance, high deformability, fingerprint resistance and microbial resistance will share part of market.

steel color coating line


1. Material of base plate: electro-galvanized plate, hot-dip galvanized plate, hot dip Al-Zn plate, cold-rolled steel plate etc.

2. raw material:cold rolled strip,GI,GL,aluminum strip

3. Thickness of strip steel: 0.12-1.8mm, Width of strip steel: 600-1650mm

4. Outer diameter of steel coil: φ800-1800mm

5. Process speed: 30 - 200m/min

6. Coating thickness : 5-25μm for the single-layer dry film on the front face (regulated as required) 5-15μm for the single-layer dry film on the back face (regulated as required)

7. Production capacity: 50,000-200,000 Tonnes/year

8. Energy type: electricity, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas, etc.


We also provide coil printing technology within our CCL.

patter printing machine


The competitive advantage of HiTo stems from being able to offer the world’s best coil costing equipment technology at competitive pricing, with the backup of full & ongoing specialist support.



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