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Colour coating line customized by HITO Equipment Engineering
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Colour coating line customized by HITO Equipment Engineering

Colour coating is a term used to describe the application of a decorative and/or protective organic coating to steel substrate supplied in coil form. Colour coated steel is also called as pre-painted steel.
Colour coating of steel is a continuous and highly automated industrial process for efficiently coating of coils of steel. In this process of application of colour coating, the substrate steel gets protective and decorative coating. This process of colour coating is also called a duplex coating.
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Product Description

 The first colour coating line was started in Europe during 1940s. It became immediately very popular due to its basic inherent advantages which are given below.

· Higher productivity

· A highly sophisticated and computerized controlled coating application

· Environmental benefits and energy saving

· More consistent properties of the coated sheets

· Lesser wastage of coating material

 Colour coating usually refers to the application of liquid paint coat over the substrate in an automatic, continuous process after pre-treatment. The pre-painted colour coated steel is a very high value-added product that combines the best properties of both substrate and organic coating, additionally imparting it an aesthetic finish, high degree of durability and high corrosion resistance. The thickness of colour coating is usually in the range of 15 microns to 40 microns and the finishes are smooth, matt, high gloss, textures and printed. 

 For standard colour coated sheet, the thickness of substrate steel usually varies from 0.12 mm to 1.5 mm and width varies from 600 mm to 1600 mm.

 Colour coating is done on various substrates of steels to produce most cost effective, quality assured products with the top coat compatible with environment. The substrate steels normally used are given below.

· Cold rolled steel

· Hot dipped galvanized steel

· Electro galvanized steel

· Galvalume – It is also known as Zincalume and consists of 55 % aluminum, 43.5 % zinc and 1.5 % silicon by weight.

· Galfan – It is 95 % zinc and 5 % aluminum


 The colour coating line has normally two coaters. The first one applies the primer on both sides of the strip and the second one applies the top coat and the backing coat.  After the two coaters, there are convection ovens, where the colour coatings are cured by hot air.

 Most of the roofing and construction markets for colour coated sheets use top coats which are based on polyester, Polyurethane (PU), fluorocarbon, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), silicone modified polyester (SMP) and plastisols for cost effectiveness and durability.

 For multi-layer coating, a finish coat can be applied on top of the prime coating layer (also to the top and/or bottom surface) to meet the highest quality demands on the final product.


 We have supplied many CCL to wordwide market, like Russia, India, Vietnam, Dubai, Algeria, Egypt, Cambodia, Bangladesh and so on.  

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The competitive advantage of HiTo stems from being able to offer the world’s best coil costing equipment technology at competitive pricing, with the backup of full & ongoing specialist support.



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